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Tandem Skydive

What to Expect

Searching for the next rush? Bucket List item? Would you like to send a friend or family member tumbling through the sky? A tandem skydive from our highly experienced staff will provide you with the best possible service to get you touching the clouds. From the moment you walk through our front door, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide your experience. We will fill out the necessary documents and assign you to a professional tandem instructor. Your instructor will make sure you are wearing the skydiving harness and accessories properly. When it is our turn to start we will guide you to our specifically modified aircraft, share a scenic ride all the way to 10,000 feet, and most likely tell dad jokes the whole way. During this time you will have ample opportunity to see the local area, flying over Stillhouse and Belton lakes enjoying the scenery Texas has to offer. At the top of our flight path, we will do final checks and open the door disembarking from the aircraft and beginning one of the most amazing adventures a person can experience. Freefalling with your new best friend is an indescribable experience, providing a brand new view of the world both literally and metaphorically. Together we will travel at around 120 miles per hour toward the earth until it is time to open the parachute. Flying the parachute can be as calming or exciting as you want. Together we can gently drift toward the ground enjoying the quietness of being 5000 feet away from the planet buzzing below, or we can pull on those steering toggles and send ourselves zipping in high-G 360s picking up speed and whipping through turns until it is time to land. Landing gently on the ground near the same spot we took off will feel like brand new earth. You'll have time to hug and cheer with your friends, family, and fellow passengers as we gather the parachute and return to Skydive Skylark's hangar. Sadly we will retrieve our equipment and say our goodbyes giving you a certificate of achievement with several local breweries on the back willing to give you a free beer in return for telling them of your adventure. You'll add this amazing experience to your list of life accomplishments and we will begin the process again for the next daring participant.

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  • Skydive Skylark, Stonetree Drive, Killeen, TX, USA

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